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Mediterranean monk seal pup Badem found on 5 December 2006 at Didim, Aegean coast of Turkey, will be released on 28 April 2007. Badem has been rehabilitated and cared successfuly with the collaboration of Foca Municipality, Lenie’t Hart Zeehondencreche and SAD-AFAG for around 5 months in Foca under the control of veterinaries, a chief nurse and a biologist experienced in seal care & rehabilitation. As of today, Badem’s health condition is very good and she had no symptoms of sickness during her rehabilitation. She is now approximately 70 kg. and ready for release back to the natural environment. Such a rehabilitation and release is very first in Turkey. Realizing the importance of Mediterranean monk seal, SAD-AFAG  carefully made the release site selection along Turkish coasts. All the potential factors were taken into consideration and the most favourable coastal area was selected among the candidate locations. Turkish Coast Guard Command shall be providing a high-speed boat or a helicopter depending on the weather conditions for the transfer of monk seal pup from Foca to release site together with a core release team from organizations including SAD-AFAG, Foca Municipality and Lenie’t Hart Zeehondencreche.

A ceremony is going to be held in Foca for this important and rare event. Mr. Osman Pepe, Minister of Environment and Forest, Izmir Governor, Foca Governor, Foca Mayor, President of SPA Authority, Lenie’t Hart Zeehondencreche, MOm, Mr. Mustafa Koc, the sponsor businessman and SAD-AFAG and the press will be present in the ceremony in Foca town on 28 April 2007 at 9.00 hours. Badem and release team shall be leaving Foca by Turkish Coast Guard boat or helicopter at 10.00 hours in accordance with the program. Coast Guard boats shall be specifically patrolling a wide area around the release site couple of days after release. The pup shall be marked with a small tag placed on a rear flipper in order to recognize Badem in the future.


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