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Monk Seal News Archive 1999-2008

22 Jan 2009 Press Release Good news for young Artemis [PDF pdf 53KB]
24 Dec 2008 Press Release The newborn “Artemis” of Leros
18 Dec 2008 Press Release Orphaned seal rescued in Greece
2 Aug 2008 Latest News Badem in ‘protective custody’
20 June 2008 Latest News Sighting in Mallorca
Badem under armed guard
2 Feb 2008 Latest News Orphaned seal Viktoria to “phone home”…
17 Dec 2007 Press Release Piraeus Bank supports “Viktoria’s” rehabilitation
21 Sept 2007 News Update Orphaned pup’s welfare monitored daily
10 July 2007 Press Release Proposal on Enlargement of Foça SPA Ended up Successfully
[PDF pdf 428KB]
26 Apr 2007 Press Release Release of Mediterranean monk seal pup “Badem” back to sea
30 Dec 2006 Press Release Mediterranean Seal Pup “Badem”
30 Dec 2006 News Update Antalya conference report released
15 Sept 2006 News Update Greece declines to attend Antalya conference
3 Sept 2006 News Update Antalya conference agenda released
23 July 2006 News Update Antalya conference dates revised
8 July 2006 News Update International monk seal conference set for September
25 Nov 2004 Breaking News Monk seal pup Hippocrates dies in rehab
12 Oct 2004 Breaking News Orphaned monk seal pup found on Kos, the island of “Hippocrates”
24 Sept 2004 News Update Satellite News from Dimitris
22 May 2004 News Update Clear Blue Horizon for Dimitris
12 May 2004 News Update Big Day for Dimitris, the World’s Rarest Seal
5 Mar 2004 News Update Monk Seal Pup on the Mend
4 Feb 2004 News Update Monk Seal Orphan Rescued on Karpathos
22 Sept 2002 Breaking News Government Inaction Jeopardises Marine Park
3 July 2002 Breaking News Government Inaction Jeopardises Marine Park
23 Feb 2002 Announcement A message from the International Marine Mammal Association
20 Feb 2002 Breaking News IFAW abandons monk seals
27 Nov 2000 Breaking News Théodore Monod dies / Judge issues ruling in "monk seal starvation" case / Guardian hits newsstands
3 Mar 2000 Announcement Turkish Government Preserves Ban on Trawlers
12 Feb 2000 News Release Three conservation organizations file lawsuit against the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)
26 Nov 1999 Announcement Trawlers Ask Ministry to Lift Ban on No Fish Zone in Turkish Waters
10 Nov 1999 News Release Deterioration of Pup's Health Leads to Death
7 Nov 1999 News Release MOm Acts to Rescue Orphaned Monk Seal Pup

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