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20 Jul. 2014

New publication confirms coastal diet for Mediterranean monk seal

25 Jun. 2014

First monk seal images from the maternity cave of the Desertas Islands

13 Jun. 2014

New publication details monk seal stranding case on the eastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey

12 Jun. 2014

NOAA releases Final Environmental Impact Statement for Monk Seal Actions

01 Jun. 2014

Mediterranean monk seal reportedly harassed by drunken tourists in Pula, Croatia

Monk Seal Fact Files

monk seal katerina © Matthias Schnellmann

Fact sheets on the Mediterranean (Monachus monachus) Hawaiian (Monachus schauinslandi) and Caribbean (Monachus tropicalis) monk seals, their biology, behaviour and habitat, their history and decline…

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Library Catalogue, Back Issues of The Monachus Guardian, Recommended Reading and News Archive

Monk Seal Network

Contact info for organisations involved in the conservation of monk seals…

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