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Submission Guidelines

The Monachus Guardian has ceased publication of its eponymous biannual journal in favour of a new publishing model, delivering news of Mediterranean, Hawaiian and Caribbean monk seals on an on-going basis. TMG also envisages the publication of articles or features, editorials and letters to the editor on an intermittent basis. Submissions are welcome at any time.

International News / Mediterranean News / Hawaiian News / Caribbean News

Please submit relevant news items, together with any photographs, maps and graphics to .

Recent Publications

Please send details of any relevant recent publications to , also indicating whether the abstract or full text can be accessed online.

Letters to the Editor

Please indicate clearly whether emails addressed to the editor are intended for publication.

Articles or Features

Articles should be no more than 1000 words in length. We urge contributors to send an email discussing the subject and scope of their article before submitting. Because of cutbacks, TMG can no longer undertake extensive language editing.

Monk Seal Library

Copyright permitting, TMG also makes previously published material available for download to an international online readership through its Monk Seal Library. Please submit contributions (including abstracts, posters, papers and reports) in PDF format.


If possible photographs should be approximately 800x600 pixels, saved in jpg file format, high quality. Please also provide photo captions and credits.


Maps and graphs should ideally be in gif, png or eps format.

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How to submit news, articles or letters to The Monachus Guardian.