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17 December 2007

Piraeus Bank supports “Viktoria’s” rehabilitation


“Viktoria”, a Mediterranean monk seal pup, was found stranded on a beach on the island of Tinos shortly after her birth, struggling to survive in stormy seas. Thanks to the efforts of Ms Viktoria Drouga, a local inhabitant, the pup is today being treated at MOm’s Rehabilitation Centre on the island of Alonnisos.

Once again, Piraeus Bank, a long-term sponsor of MOm’s rescue and rehabilitation programme, is providing the funds for Viktoria’s treatment. During her recent visit to the Rehab Centre, Mrs Sophia Staikou, President of Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation and Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, stated “it’s more than 15 years now that we have been supporting efforts to conserve the monk seal, the most endangered marine mammal and symbol of biodiversity of Greece. We earnestly hope that we can set an example for others to follow. Protecting the natural environment is not only a concern for all of us, it is an obligation.”

Piraeus Bank Group has undertaken a substantial role in protecting biodiversity in Greece within the context of its Corporate Social Responsibility, while constituting the prominent supporter of MOm’s “Partner to Survival” campaign for the monk seal, Monachus monachus.

Piraeus Bank’s Sophia Staikou with monk seal orphan “Viktoria” at the MOm Rehabilitation Centre on Alonnisos.

Rehabilitation of Mediterranean monk seals is a meticulous and demanding procedure that requires expertise and trained staff, and may last 4-5 months.

Baby Viktoria has already completed two months under treatment and is showing positive signs of recovery, despite her initial poor state of health. Should Viktoria survive to make a healthy return to her natural environment, she could give birth to 15 monk seals during her life. This is one of the reasons why MOm contends that the rehabilitation of a single Mediterranean monk seal can make all the difference in the world to the survival of the species.

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