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  Vol. 13 / No. 2

Published by Friends of the Monk Seal

December 2010  



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Editorial: Growing up with monk seals in Madeira

by Gil Pereira…

International News

Hawaiian News

(Published on the TMG News Blog)

Mediterranean News

Greece: Lazarus dies in rehab
Italy: Monk seals in Italy: an increasing presence
Lebanon: Seal sightings
Mauritania & Western Sahara: New productivity record
Turkey: Monk seal pup rescued in Aydıncık, Mersin

Cover Story: Cave habitats used by Mediterranean monk seals (Monachus monachus) in Sardinia

by Luigi Bundone

In Focus I: Mediterranean monk seal mortality in 2010 in Greece

by Marianna Psaradellis, Vangelis Paravas and Alexandros A. Karamanlidis

In Focus II: Three monk seal encounters in the Northern Gulf of Evia, Greece

by Giovanni Bearzi and Silvia Bonizzoni

Perspectives: A new healthcare facility for Hawaiian monk seals in Kona, Hawaii

by Jeff Boehm

Letters to the Editor

including: Genetic scepticism – just how important is genetic research to the conservation of the Mediterranean monk seal?

Recent Publications

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Mauritania & Western Sahara:
New productivity record

Bue marino

Cover Story: Cave habitats in Sardinia

Perspectives: A new healthcare facility in Hawaii

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