The Monachus Guardian

  Vol. 11 / No. 2

Published by Friends of the Monk Seal

November 2008 



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Guest Editorial: Recovering the Balearic Islands for the monk seal

by Miquel À. Grimalt i Vert, Minister of the Environment, Government of the Balearic Islands

International News

including: International Alliance takes shape in Madeira

Hawaiian News

including: Monk seal may gain ‘Critical Habitat’ on main Hawaiian Islands

Mediterranean News

including: Lactation on an open beach in Cabo Blanco: first known record since 1945

Cover Story: One talking fish with a whale of a tale

by William M. Johnson

In Focus: Sighting and Response

by Antoni Font, Joan Mayol, Manu Sanfelix and Carlota Viada

Perspectives: Legal protection of the Mediterranean monk seal in Croatia

by Petar Radošević

Research I: The Song of the Sirens

by Panagiotis Dendrinos and Alexandros A. Karamanlidis

Research II: The in situ treatment of a Mediterranean monk seal pup at Piperi Island, National Marine Park of Alonnisos Northern Sporades (NMPANS)

by Christos Neofitou, Lenie ‘t Hart, Vassilis Kouroutos, Kitty Attema, Elefteria Tsalie and Clare Reed

Letters to the Editor

including: Translocation plans: reasons for caution, by Xisco Avella

Recent Publications

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Belon's sea monk 1555

Cover Story: One talking fish with a whale of a tale


In Focus: 50 years on, a return to Mallorca

Cave cries

Research: Cave cries, or the Song of the Sirens?

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