The Monachus Guardian

  Vol. 6 / No. 2

Published by Friends of the Monk Seal

December 2003 

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Guest Editorial: Saving seals at Madeira…
a passionate affair

by Rosa Pires

Obituary: Discoverer of the Cabo Blanco
Monk Seal Colony,
Eugenio Morales Agacino, 1914 – 2002

International News

Including Mystery at RAC/SPA: Why is the UN agency advocating capture and translocation of pups when its own experts aren’t?

Hawaiian News

Mediterranean News

Cover Story:
Plundering the Pacific:
the cats who run the fishhouse

by Paul Koberstein

In Focus: The Cilician monk seal colony is growing

by Ali Cemal Gucu

Perspectives: Seeking answers in the Gulf of Iskenderun: do eastern Mediterranean monk seals migrate?

by Ali Cemal Gucu, Meltem Ok and Hasan Örek

Monachus Science:

Johnson, W.M. Monk seals in post-classical history. The role of the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus) in European history and culture, from the fall of Rome to the 20th century [Abstract].

Pires, R. Findings on the reproductive parameters of the endangered Mediterranean monk seal, Monachus monachus, at the Desertas islands – Madeira archipelago.

Letters to the Editor

Including – Warped priorities by J.J. Wilcox

Recent Publications

Publishing Info


Med. monk seal portrait

International News: Mystery at RAC/SPA – are pups more at risk from fishermen, developers… or nature managers?


Cover Story: Object of desire – A scientist examines a tiny lobster from the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, where the interests of fishermen and ecology clash.

Med. monk seal portrait

In Focus: Responding to treatment – a young seal finds refuge along the Cilician coasts of Turkey.

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