The Monachus Guardian

  Vol. 2 / No. 1
Published by IMMA Inc.
May 1999 


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Editorial:  How Much is a Monk Seal Worth?

Why sustainable utilization of monk seals (or so-called ‘wise use’) may have crept in through the back door, wearing a disguise…

Obituary: Bahtiye Mursaloglu, 1918–1999

Cem O. Kiraç, Ilksen D. Bas and Keith Ronald reflect upon one woman’s efforts to save the monk seals of Turkey...

International News

Hawaiian News

including ‘He didn’t eat the seal, did he?’ – A Judge’s reaction to the persecution of a Hawaiian monk seal...

Mediterranean News

Cover Story:  Action & Action Plans

by Giulia Mo. Why sporadic sightings may mean that monk seal conservation in Italy is not a lost cause...

In Focus:  The Historical Presence of Monk Seals in the Tuscan Archipelago

by Luigi Guarrera. A survey of  former monk seal habitat in Italy’s Tuscan archipelago...

Perspectives: The Old Woman Who Swallowed the Fly

by William M. Johnson. Why Hawaiian monk seal conservation bears an uncanny resemblance to an English nursery rhyme...

Monachus Science:

W. M. Johnson & D. M. Lavigne. 1999. [Abstract]. Monk Seals in Antiquity. The Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus) in Ancient History and Literature. Mededelingen. No. 35. The Netherlands Commission for International Nature Protection. In Press.

H. Güçlüsoy, G. Mo, Y. Savas, C. Sigismondi. Feasibility study for daily monitoring of a potential breeding cave for the Mediterranean monk seal, Monachus monachus.

Letters to the Editor

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Cover Story:  Will habitat protection encourage the monk seal to return to its former haunts in Italy?


© Matthias Schnellmann
Perspectives: As the Hawaiian monk seal continues to decline, will captive breeding become inevitable?


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Monachus Science: Monitoring monk seal caves with infrared cameras.


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