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  Vol. 1 / No. 2
Published by IMMA Inc.
December 1998 


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Editorial:  Navigating the Monk Seal Maze – A Guide for the Layperson

Bowing to popular demand, The Monachus Guardian presents yet another satirical view of monk seal conservation. This time, we travel to Northern Greece for a United Nations Environment Programme conference in the Byzantine city of Arta…

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Cover Story:  Midway’s Monk Seals

When attempts were made to forcibly reintroduce Hawaiian monk seals to a former breeding site at Midway Atoll, all 18 translocated animals either died or disappeared in short order. More recently, a drastic reduction in human disturbance, coinciding with the closure of Midway’s Naval Base, has encouraged monk seals to recolonise the atoll of their own accord. But with ecotourism now developing on Midway, will this success story prove short-lived?

In Focus:  New Discoveries in Cilicia

Researchers discover a hitherto unknown population of Mediterranean Monk Seals along Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast…

Perspectives:  The Life & Times of Q39

A diary of events surrounding the persecution of a yearling Hawaiian monk seal on Maui…

Monachus Science:

Antolovic, J. Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus) habitat in Vis Archipelago, the Adriatic Sea.

Lavigne, D.M. Historical biogeography and phylogenetic relationships among modern monk seals, Monachus spp.

Neves, H.C. & R. Pires. The recuperation of a monk seal pup, Monachus monachus, in the Ilhas Desertas – the conditions for its success.

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Editorial: Navigating the Monk Seal Maze


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Midway’s Monk Seals


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Conservation on the Desertas Islands


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