The Monachus Guardian

  Vol. 1 / No. 1
Published by IMMA Inc.
May 1998 


Editorial:    Rhodes - Twenty Years On

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Cover Story:    Monk Seal Myths in Sardinia

by William M. Johnson. How extinct monk seals have become a thriving business in the Gulf of Orosei…

In Focus:    Oil Spill at Çavus Island

A shipping accident near Bodrum, in the Turkish Aegean, might have spelled disaster for the area’s monk seals. Cem Kiraç reports on clean-up efforts…

© Cem Kiraç, SAD/AFAG
Perspectives:    Monachus in Monaco

In January 98 the Principality of Monaco, traditional home of the reckless spender, played host to the Workshop on the Biology and Conservation of the World’s Endangered Monk Seals. William M. Johnson reports from the playground of the Rich & Famous, and unlocks the Monaco Riddle: "If nothing succeeds quite like success, how would failure fail?"

© William M. Johnson


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